A picnic area on the Penner-Ash Estate.

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Oak Leafs

The Kick Ash Crew at Penner-Ash tastes each individual barrel. This rigor and integrity in the winemaking process results in uncompromising quality in the glass. The soundtrack to each marathon blending session is laughter from inside jokes and storytelling of shared memories from harvests past.


A person taking white out of a wine barrel.

Kate Ayres


Growing up on the north coast of Oregon, Kate’s younger years were spent fishing, crabbing, and gathering mushrooms. Her interest in science and love of animals led her to the University of California, Davis where she majored in viticulture and enology. Between the years of 2009 and 2011, Kate worked harvests in New Zealand, Portugal, and Australia, with a brief stint at home in Oregon at Bethel Heights.

In 2011, Kate took on the role of Associate Winemaker at Hess Collection Winery, where she remained until 2016 when the Pinot Noir of the Pacific Northwest called her back north. At Penner-Ash Wine Cellars Kate quickly rose to her current role of Winemaker in the spring of 2018. Kate enjoys her time outside the winery exploring the wilderness of her youth with her daughter, Elyse, son, Nico, husband, and fellow winemaker Hans, and black Labrador, Kima.

Lynn Penner-Ash


Lynn Penner-Ash’s interest in winemaking grew out of an early passion for the sciences, leading her to study botany, viticulture, and enology at the University of California, Davis. Following graduation, Lynn worked at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Domaine Chandon, and Chateau St. Jean. In 1988, she and her husband Ron moved to Oregon, intrigued by the emerging scene.

Lynn joined Rex Hill Vineyards as one of the first female winemakers in the region, where she remained through 2002. Meanwhile, in 1998, Lynn and Ron started Penner-Ash Wine Cellars, carefully crafting small amounts of Pinot Noir and Syrah. In 2005, they began focusing full time on building Penner-Ash Wine Cellars.

An early champion of the region’s promise, Lynn has always remained actively involved in the Willamette Valley community. She has not only held leadership positions for Oregon Pinot Camp, ¡Salud! The Oregon Pinot Noir Auction, and the International Pinot Noir Celebration, but continues to act as a valued mentor to fellow winemakers and friends in the valley. When she isn’t at the winery, you can find Lynn out on the water paddle boarding or in her kitchen baking bread.

Penner-Ash Winemaker, Kate Ayres

Winemaker, Kate Ayres

Penner-Ash Founder, Lynn Penner-Ash

Founder, Lynn Penner-Ash

Penner-Ash Associate Winemaker, Ashley Campion

Associate Winemaker, Ashley Campion

Penner-Ash Celler Master, Nolan Ellis

Enologist, Anthony Barajas

Two people in Penner-Ash cellar, nest to fermentation tanks talking.
A person cleaning a grape bin with fermentation tanks in the foreground.


Penner-Ash Estate Manager, Kati Focareto

Estate Manager, Kati Focareto

Penner-Ash Assistant Wine Club Manager, San Weymouth

Wine Club Manager, Sam Weymouth

Keilah Castillo in Oak Grove at Penner-Ash

Estate Host, Keilah Castillo

Reid Arthur in Oak Grove at Penner-Ash.

Estate Host, Reid Arthur

Jessica Bugh in Oak Grove at Penner-Ash

Estate Host, Jess Bugh

Jessica Burkhart in front of Penner-Ash estate vineyard

Estate Host, Jessica Burkhart

Alexis Rogers in front of Le Cadeau Vineyard

Estate Host, Alexis Rogers

Haley Vachter in Penner-Ash garden with a glass of red wine.

Concierge, Haley Vachter

Hospitality & Event Manager, Sydney McMurry

Hospitality & Event Manager, Sydney McMurry

A person opening the Penner-Ash Estate Tasting Room door to go outside.


Penner-Ash Vineyard Manager, Leti Catoira

Director of Farming, Leti Catoira

Penner-Ash Estate at sunrise