Ridgecrest VINEYARD

Ridgecrest Vineyard was established in 1980 by Harry Peterson-Nedry, planted to own-rooted, dry-farmed, heritage clones - the first planted vineyard on what would later become the Ribbon Ridge AVA. At 630 feet of elevation along the ridgeline, these grapes were grown on south facing slopes, with well-drained sedimentary soils over sandstone and siltstone. Peterson-Nedry and Lynn Penner-Ash are long-time friends, celebrating Oregon Pinot Camp together as the weekend’s opening act for many years. Beginning with the 2018 vintage, Penner-Ash began sourcing two Pinot Noir clones from this vineyard, Pommard and Wädenswil, which we love for their flavor intensity.


Ribbon Ridge




Wellsdale loam


589’ – 673’


Pommard, Wädenswil
Ridgecrest Vineyard
Person standing in Ridgecrest Vineyard
Ridgecrest Vineyard