Harvest 2018

Harvest 2018 – Q & A with Lynn

How would you describe the 2018 vintage?

The 2018 vintage came fast and furious! We waited for flavor development, which meant we picked later and seemingly all at once. We are very happy with the deep color and really fresh fruit-filled aromas of this year’s fermentations. Our Harvest crew worked tirelessly to keep these fermentations smelling good.

What is unique about the way Penner-Ash harvest or processes fruit?

We really respect each vineyard and each block within that vineyard. Kate and Lauren have to be super conscientious about tracking our lots as we’ve learned what works in some vineyards might not work in others. And, Lauren is the keeper of the DO NOT EVER DO AGAIN list!

During those crazy weeks, what all goes on down on the fermentation deck?

Seriously, what doesn’t happen on the ferm deck. Fermentation, biology, artistry, comradery, exhaustion, excitement, incredible smells, hard work, really bad music, sometimes music I actually like, and always the utmost respect for all the hard work taking place.

What is your favorite part of harvest?

LUNCH! Not because of the food (although it’s fantastic) but the laughter and friendships that are developing and expanding. The conversation every day always makes us laugh and love our team even more.