Spring 2017 Newsletter

March 8, 2017

Snow covered grounds at Penner-Ash Winery

Winter has been crazy for most of the country and particularly challenging for Oregon and our PA team. With rain, ice, snow, and flooding on repeat even late into February, this winter just does not want to let go of the valley! Despite our three inches of snow on March 6th, spring is imminent!

Our winemaking team is committed to nurturing the 2016 vintage wines in barrel by canoeing, wading, fording – whatever it takes to get up the hill to work with the wines. This commitment is evident in the quality of our wines and it is reaffirming as we taste through the 2015 Cellar Club wines to see that commitment to quality shining through.

The 2015 vintage wines are full of dark berry fruit and freshness. It’s like sticking your nose into summer, which given our current weather is so uplifting. As these wines start arriving and you pull the first cork– it’s a reminder that despite the tumultuous weather that often plagues all of us this time of year, the warmer seasons are just around the corner, full of long days, sunshine, fresh berries and all the joys of Oregon summer. There is no better time to come visit us – spring and summer in Oregon should not be missed! And we promise, you won’t have to paddle or swim the lake, or ski and hike the hill, we’ve done that for you.

Cheers to a new growing season and we look forward to seeing all of you at the winery.